Wellness Plans – What are they?

We know that for pet parents, the well being of their furry children is of most importance. We already know how to ensure this well being and we can do it by PREVENTION.

With the help of prevention, we can prevent some diseases and enhance the quality of life for our furry friends.

By extending the principle of preventive medicine we can create Wellness Plans that we can easily adapt for every patient, we can offer pet owners a complete, integrate, and convenient service.


What we can include in these plans:

🩺 consultations (video and in-person);

💊 parasite control;

💉 vaccinations;

🧪 screening and blood work;

🐶 microchipping;

🎀 grooming & care services;

⚡️ discounts on products or additional services.


Even though these Wellness Plans have the same base, there is no such thing as two identical animals and exactly because of this, health plans have to be tailored for each patient.

When it comes to health plans, owners have to pay upfront an amount of money so that a series of services are covered (pet parents usually pay the worth of medical services for a whole year).

These Plans should take into consideration the following criterias:






Life stage














By offering health plans using different types of categories, we offer pet parents the possibility to choose the best option for their companion.

Wellness Plans win more and more popularity in veterinary clinics, improving the communication between pet owners and veterinarians and also, assuring a long-lasting relationship.

The secret for a top medical service is easy to maintain well being.

In the next article, we will see what are the best practices for implementing Wellness Plans!
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