Privacy Policy

The access to the Digitail platform is done through a username and a unique, individual and private password, known solely by the user. The user is the only responsible for keeping the confidentiality over the login credentials, and the regular change of the access password is recommended in order to strengthen the security of the data stored and used.

SC DIGITAIL INNOVATION SRL (part of Digitail Inc) does not take responsibility for the security of this website or your communications line.


Privacy and personal information

The personal information provided to the website in order to receive or use any of the services is protected under the 677/2001 law.

By filling in the fields in the online registration forms, the users agree that their personal data they register to be part of the database and to receive messages about products and services, promotions, contests or any other editorial and marketing actions undertaken in the future by SC DIGITAIL INNOVATION SRL (part of Digitail Inc) and its agreed partners. The user has access to an account for using the services. The user is solely responsible for keeping the confidentiality over the password used to access the restricted services.

SC DIGITAIL INNOVATION SRL (part of Digitail Inc) reserves its right to modify, revise or complete these rules at any moment. Any changes will be made public on this page and will become effective once published.

The users will be notified about any changes in these rules through the platform, as well as by e-mail. According to the requirements of the modified and completed 677/2001 law for operating the personal information and its free circulation, as well as to the 506/2004 law regarding the processing the personal data and the safety of private life in electronic communications, SC DIGITAIL INNOVATION SRL (part of Digitail Inc) has the obligation to safely administer the personal data about yourself that you, a member of your family or another person provides to us.

The purpose of collecting the data is: offering electronic communications services, scientific research, statistics, marketing, and advertising.

You are/not bound to give out the data, the personal information is necessary to the use of the Digitail platform by the company where you work. Your refusal means interrupting the right to use Digitail.

The registered information is only used by the operator and is not given to any other third party.

By using Digitail, you implicitly agree to receive information about the products, services, events, etc. offered by Digitail.

According to law 677/2001, you are entitled to access and edit the information we store about you, and you have the right not to be subject to an individual decision, as well as the right to appeal to justice. Moreover, you have the right to refuse the usage of your personal data, as well as request the erasure of the data*. In order for you to exercise these rights, you can write an e-mail at You are also entitled to appeal to justice.

Your personal data will not be transferred outside your territory.

If any of the data about yourself is incorrect, please let us know as soon as possible.



*any person has the right to oppose, for legitimate reasons, to the processing of their personal data. This right can be excluded by certain law requirements (e.g. processing made by fiscal and financial services, police justice, social security). Therefore, this mention cannot be shown if the processing is compulsory.

*any person also has the right to freely oppose the processing of their personal data without any justification for direct marketing purposes.

The ‘verbal’ informing method is used exceptionally when communications through other means are not possible (e.g. through phone calls, if they are recorded).


Users rights:

You have the right to receive clear and intelligible information about who is processing your data, what data is being processed and why – in this case, SC DIGITAIL INNOVATION SRL (part of Digitail Inc); the right to request access to the data we collect about you;

The right to ask us to transfer your personal data to another service provider when you move to another cloud-based supplier.

You have the right to be forgotten: you will be able to request your personal data to be deleted from our system if you do not wish it to be processed anymore and if there is no legal reason for SC DIGITAIL INNOVATION SRL (part of Digitail Inc) to keep it.

If your data is lost or stolen and this breach could bring you prejudice, SC DIGITAIL INNOVATION SRL (part of Digitail Inc) is responsible to inform you (and inform the relevant authority of supervising the data protection) without any unjustifiable delays.


Collecting your data:

We collect the personal data of the clients in 3 ways:

  1. The personal data we receive directly from you
  2. The personal data we receive from other sources
  3. The personal data we collect automatically

The personal data we receive directly from you:

We receive data directly from you in two ways:

  • When you proactively contact us, usually by e-mail or phone
  • When we contact you, either by phone or e-mail or through our business consultants

The personal data we receive from other sources:

Whenever applicable and according to the law regulations and requirements, it may be possible to look for information about yourself and your colleagues through other sources, like:

  • Third parties that deal with market research or through online and offline media analysis (which we can do ourselves or we can hire organizations to do this for us)
  • From the participants’ lists from relevant events that we have access to
  • From other limited sources or third parties (for example through recommendations from work colleagues that offer us references about you)


Personal data we collect through our website:

To the extent that you access our website or read or click on an email from us, where appropriate and in accordance with any local laws and requirements, we may also collect your data automatically or through you providing it to us.

Users of Digitail WEBSITE: When you visit our website there is certain information that we may automatically collect, whether or not you decide to use our services. This includes your IP address, the date and the times and frequency with which you access the website and the way you browse its content. We will also collect data from you when you contact us via the website, for example by using the chat function.
We collect your data automatically via cookies, in line with cookie settings in your browser. If you would like to find out more about cookies, including how we use them and what choices are available to you, please click here.


Ensuring the security of your personal data

The security of the platform including all the connected applications, the presentation website, the storage space of the files, as well as the data storage systems contain more levels, as follow:

  • Securing the Linux CentOS server:
  • The access is made through the RSA authorized pairs of keys, through the SSH protocol. Furthermore, the direct plain/text password authentification is deactivated.
  • The daily maintenance is automated to the server level, to prevent security breaches on the level of the utility applications used on the platform for connected activities
  • The security of the clients’ connection is made by using the HTTPS protocol (the application has an automatic redirection if the client tries accessing the plain/text HTTP protocol). The SSL Certificate is SHA RSA 256 type, generated by an internationally recognized and licensed authority: cPanle, Inc. Certification Authority Houston, TX, US
  • The passwords of the users are stored in the secured database by encrypting them through the bcrypt algorithm.
  • The web server is improved through throttle limitations, to avoid spamming, brute force attacks or multiple connections, limiting the simultaneous connections from the same IP.
  • Securing the data storage server:
    • The access is made only through the user-password pair, with validating the IP address of the client
    • The users only have access to certain databases with limited permissions
    • The server only accepts local connections, to avoid external attacks, as well as avoiding the exposure of data outside of the safety area.
  • The files and data stored are accessible only through authentication of the medical personnel. The medical personnel can access files, documents, and data only for the clients they have registered, or clients registered by colleagues from the same veterinary practice.