Do you still have clients that write to you on Facebook or Whatsapp?

Do you have no idea how much time you or your staff spend on these conversations?

You don’t know how to start charging for them?


You are now ready to offer chat & telemedicine services but you don’t know where to start?

Let us help you!


First things first. What’s in it for me?

If you are not already convinced it’s a good idea, let us mention just a few of the advantages!

A dedicated platform for communication means:

no more messages on your personal phone;

✔ less time spent on the phone;

✔ having all information & history in one place;

✔ all your staff can contribute & answer in real time;

✔ statistics on how much time you spend on after-hours advice;

✔ possibility to finally charge for this!


How do I convince my clients to use it?

We understand that it’s hard to change habits. Probably a lot of your clients are used to call you directly when they have a question, send a message or even post a comment on Facebook with their concerns. Sooner or later, it’s time to change this! Moving all the communication about their pets to a dedicated platform comes with a lot of advantages for them as well:

✔ faster replies (as more people from the clinic have access to the Chat);

✔ all the information is in one place;

✔ saving time with video consultation.


Here are 3 ways you can advertise it:

✨ Promote these services on your website, on your social media pages and on printed materials you have around your practice.

✨ Talk with existing clients! When they come to the clinic, tell them about the new features your provide.

✨ When a client writes to you on your personal phone, kindly redirect them to the Chat function in the App where they can get faster answers.


How do I charge for these services?

Finally the interesting question!

Probably you won’t want to start charging right away all your existing clients. The whole idea is to show them that this service that they now get for FREE actually has a very big value. You could do that by creating different packages, for example:

  • 1 video consultation per month & unlimited messages
  • 2 video consultations per year & 1 conversation per month
  • unlimited messages for postoperative treatment & care

You can give these packages for free to your loyal clients or when they buy specific products / services.



  • you can’t start charging for these services unless they happen on a dedicated platform;
  • even if you don’t want to charge for them, clients appreciate them (and you!) more when they understand their value;
  • it feels better to get a 100% discount, then get something for free;
  • you can empower your staff to help and even automate a lot of these answers;
  • you can finally understand how much time is spent on outside the clinic advice;
  • you provide an unbeatable experience for your clients.

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