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Client Satisfaction

We are providing all the tools you need for outstanding client communication. Increase your retention and the chances of referrals by offering the best client experience.

Internal Workflow

Improve your workflow with synced information in real-time, on any device. Make sure your staff knows exactly what's happening next and they are always ready.

Data Driven Decisions

Make the correct decisions based on your data. Find out what products are selling the best, what are the most popular services and how the staff is performing.

What other vets say about us 👌

Digitail is the solution to our pet parents need: online scheduling, virtual health card, sharing lab work results with specialty clinics that we are referring to via a common platform. By using digital features our clients perceive us as a high quality service and care provider. Probably the most appreciated attribute is the automated reminder for next appointments.

Vet Center
Practice Manager Karla

This software as a whole is really simple to use/understand. Online booking is really a pleasure and allows clients to book appointments without having to call in. The App is an added bonus as clients can read all the treatment protocols & follow them if they are unsure. Overall the software is really good, the team is always available to assist.

The Visiting Vet
Dr. Christine

Great communication with owners, less time explaining the recommendations, because they can read the consultation report, plus we get a lot of appreciation from owners who receive constant reminders on when to deworm or vaccinate next, without them having to keep track of routine visits.

Arena Vet
Dr. Oana

It's a very good and modern software, the stuff is very helpful and what's the best they hear your personal wishes and they continuously try to improve the software. Nice job, and thanks for everything!

Szikszai Állatorvosi Rendelő
Dr. Péter

It's amazing, very comfortable with their support, services and daily update! Keep it up guys!

First Pet Veterinary Clinic and Grooming
Dr. Bader



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Mobile Vets

Digitail is the perfect tool for mobile vets that are always on the go! You can access everything from your phone or tablet, wherever you are!

Animal Hospitals

If you are a medium sized clinic or hospital, Digitail can help you with patients & records management, inventory & stock management so you can run your practice free of stress!

Vet Groups

If you are a large vet practice or you have multiple locations, let's talk and find the best option for you!

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