Without change, creativity and innovation couldn’t be possible. So today we woke up with a new visual identity, shining in all its glory. What is certain is that Digitail, since the beginning, has had exactly the same pet passion and the same will to create a better and safer world for vets and pet owners through technology.


Kindness (and Digitail) has many forms

As you already know, kindness has many forms – it can be expressed in a myriad of ways but is still the same. Today we have a new form; a new logo (or a new look, as our team would say), through which we strongly believe that we express better our values. For us, it means a mix of commitment, love for pets, and also a big and important tech approach. It means creativity and constant improvement. It’s the new (and the same) Digitail.


Let’s have a quick look

We bet you first saw the ”L” which is positioned inside of a ”D” – the first and the last letters from DigitaiL. Also, you can see… four paws. Paws?! Exactly. There’s a confident little animal who is walking with its raised tail – what a personality!

Now, let’s be more focused…

Bingo. Pixels background. That’s our ”tech touch” which reminds us day-by-day how tech-driven we are and how caring & user-centered we are. So far we have developed successfully Digitail Software for Vets and Digitail App for Pets, in which we introduced the Digital Health Card concept. We are here for you, with the same goodwill, but a different logo.


That’s all for today, Digitailers! Come on board and discover our cool community with pet owners, game-changers, vets and creators! Visit pet.digitail.io to find out more about the pet owners’ app and create your pet’s digital identity now!

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