Stay in touch with all your patients 📱

with chat, telehealth & telemedicine!

Offer seamless video consultations and reach more clients!

Don't let the lockdown stop you from offering support to your clients.

Explore a new revenue stream and stop giving free advice over phone or text messages. Make sure clients understand the value of your time.

Pet owners do search on google and FB groups for advice because there is no easy alternative of asking a specialist. Be there for them.

Make sure your clients come prepared and have the right information before their visit. Save time on those long phone calls.

You can monitor your patients even when they are not at the hospital.

How does it work? 🤳

3 simple steps to offer video consultations to all your clients! It’s that easy!


Accept Telemedicine bookings

Make sure you have the Telemedicine service available and that you accept Online Appointments!

Confirm new requests

After you accept the booking, the client will get a confirmation notification and reminders via email, SMS and in-App.

Consult directly from Digitail

You can chat with the client before the meeting in order to send instructions or recommendations. When you are ready, just start a video call directly from the Digitail Chat.

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