The current situation in the world forces every business to find new ways to continue their activity and to keep revenue coming.

For the veterinary field that means telemedicine services are now put in a new light. This type of service might be what keeps us in business during this period and what, after all this is gone, will represent a source of extra revenue and extra clients.

We all want to make sure that our patients receive the best care, now more than ever, taking into consideration that it is harder for pet parents to get out of their houses and come to our clinic.

Everything that was before considered normal and maybe a strong enough reason to come to the clinic, is now questioned whether it is a necessity or something that can wait.

Telemedicine services are most effective when VCPR is established because we are able to accurately get to a diagnosis and create a plan that works best for our patients. But even if a VCPR is not established beforehand, a veterinarian can still offer general advice. —>se here what VCPR means and implies

Of course, we all know that a telemedicine call cannot replace an in-clinic visit and that there are times and situations when it is a must for the patient to be seen, but we must keep in mind that there is a time when we have to adapt and we have to do it fast. In these cases, telemedicine can still play an important role, by helping the client determine if a trip to the veterinary clinic is needed and when is needed.

Telemedicine is not a substitute for in-person veterinary care, but it is more a tool to manage patients in-between visits to the hospital.

Telemedicine can be an excellent way to ensure that our furry friends continue to get the care they need while also following social distancing requirements and staying safely indoors.

The best thing about this kind of service is that neither you nor your clients need any more equipment than you already have – a phone, tablet, or computer. What you need for you and your clients is a platform that has the best offering.

So, start now and get ahead of time by educating yourself, your staff, and your clients. If you need any type of help, you can check our blog posts for tips & advice or write to us anytime.

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