Set client notifications

How to customize client notifications?

With the Client Notifications module, you have full control over all the reminders and notifications that are being sent automatically. You can customize the channels on which the notification are sent (SMS, Email, App), when they are sent (1 week before, 1 day before) and even the message that is sent! There are 2 types of notifications in Digitail: Alerts and Reminders.


What are Alerts?

Alerts are the automatic notifications that are sent exactly when an event is happening. For example, when a new client is added to the system, a Welcome Alert is triggered. You can define if you want to send this welcome message and define on which channels you prefer to send it. Similarly, when a new appointment is added, confirmed, or updated, the client will receive an instant notification on the channels defined below.


What are Reminders?

Reminders are notifications that are sent before an event is supposed to happen, such as an appointment. You can define how much time in advance you want to send the reminders and on which channels (SMS, Email, App). There are 2 types of reminders supported at the moment: reminders for Upcoming Appointments (appointments that are already scheduled and confirmed) and reminders for Recommended Visits (visits that are due, but not yet scheduled.)