You’ve already noticed how effective you can actually be using Digitail Software for your practice management. From Patients & Clients, Health Records and Stock Management, up to Growth & Automation – we want you to succeed and to give your customers the best experience EVER.

Likewise, you make sure every single day that your customers have enough reasons to come back to you, even that they have to call you instead of making online appointments… or even that they still have a physical health card for their pets instead of a digital one

Calling your practice is getting annoying…

At some point, yes. The deal with calling your practice is getting very annoying for them, because they may not have time to spend (on the phone), they may be abroad, or any other reason to not call you. ☎️ And not to mention how annoying is for your clinic to spend precious time on the phone!

But not with Digitail for Pets

As we told you before, we really want you to succeed. The greatest experience for customers will come from your practice with Digitail for Pets app, in which the customers will be able to make online appointments at your clinic and also create their pet’s digital identity. Take a quick look here to see all the features of the app:, you’ll be amazed!

Only your customers will be able to access Digitail App, because you’re a Digitail Software user, so that’s your fair advantage in front of your competitors. We figured it all out already.

What’s in it for me?

The news that you’re the first digital clinic in your area will spread really fast, amigo. People will recommend you for online appointments and also for taking care of their pets like it’s 21st century. ? Check out all the advantages you have here.

?? Make yourself known in your city! Give them free access to the Digitail App and enjoy the best reviews in town!

? More convenience, more customers. More customers, more revenue.

? This app is your differentiator!  If you’ll see vets who are gonna create an app, wish them good luck. But you won’t.

Try it and you’ll see.

We bet on a bag of food that you have at least one pet at home (we do too ??). Add yourself as a client on Digitail CRM, download the app (it’s available on Google Play and App Store) and let yourself be surprised of how cool is your experience as a pet parent with Digitail for Pets. That’s what your customers will see.

”Here is an app… potato.”

Let us help you to promote your app in front of your customers. When they come to the clinic, encourage them to download the app and help them with the login; mention that they will be able to make online appointments through the app.

If they want much more details about Digitail for Pets app, tell them to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and also our website, They’ll be extremely curious about it, trust us.

Voilà, they can book online from now on at your practice!

Start receiving online appointments from your customers through the app, so you don’t have to waste a lot of time and energy on the phone. It’s worth it!

Do you need more help? Email us at and let us answer your questions!


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