Once upon a time in Florida

It all began in 2001.

One person, one vision, one animal at a time.

Gloria Wade was determined to end pet homelessness and reduce animal overpopulation in Central Florida. She founded The Animal Welfare Alliance of Central Florida organization and was instrumental in convincing the county’s commissioners to eliminate the practice of adopting intact animals from the county animal shelter.

The organization was renamed and restructured in 2014 to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Today, under the name SNiP-it, “we are still focused on the vision of assisting the residents of Central Florida with low cost, easy access spay/neuter options.”

SNiP-it also operates a high school part-time vet assistant program, thanks to a PetSmart Charities Grant, giving the students the clinic hours and experience they need to graduate with a certification.

In just two years they have helped over 35 veterinary students.

Grand opening of new SNiP-it facilities at Harmony High School, 2022

SNiP-it saves lives and empowers the new generation of DVMs

Meet Snoopy, the lovely pup who was saved by SNiP-it!

Snoopy’s owner came to SNiP-it after many attempts with other clinics to determine why he could not gain weight and seemed to vomit after eating and drinking continuously.

With Snoopy being just over a year old and the client qualifying for their services based on financial need, Snoopy received his initial physical exam, lab work, and radiographs. SNiP-it provided a diagnosis of a persistent right aortic arch (PRAA).

Snoopy likely has a condition called a persistent right aortic arch (PRAA) where a vessel is now constricting the esophagus; so food is unable to pass through well to the stomach.

Dr. DiSandro

The client was relieved to finally have an answer for his dog’s ongoing symptoms. The next step for Snoopy was to go into surgery to remove the vessel. The surgery took just over four fours and required a week of recovery. The surgery was a success and Snoopy showed steady improvement and started to gain weight as well as strength.

The students at the high school were very impressed with the thought process that went into the diagnosis and thankful for the opportunity to watch a very intricate and life-saving surgery.

I can tell you that we did not make any money on that surgery but that’s not why we are doing this. The students learned a valuable and compassionate lesson and the owners were so grateful. This is why we are doing what we do and we are thankful to Digitail for helping saving time, increasing the number of saved animals and keeping our costs down so that we can continue to make an impact in our community.

Sheila, Executive Director

Finding the right tools for the right mission

When it comes to providing compassionate and quality services at affordable rates, every minute counts.

SNiP-it is an impact-driven team, and Digitail is here to make sure they have time to focus on what’s important – patients and saving lives. This means no more time spent on the phone to coordinate appointments, no more extra clicks to get needed information, no more printing certificates and invoices, and manually writing surgery reports.

We are more efficient and consistent with the pre-populated SOAP templates. They have decreased the amount of time the vet needs to enter information significantly so that she can spend more time with the patients.

We have looked at 4 or 5 different software options.
We chose Digitail because it is very user friendly on the clinic side as well as for the client.

The main consultation screen is very easy to follow and concise making it easy to transition from one tab to another.
The communication between the client and staff is very easy with the mobile app.
Sending an email/text from the software is very simple and frees up making phone calls and checking voicemails.
The Health Card is a quick method to see the patient’s history in an easy to read screen.

We would recommend Digitail to other potential users because of the ease of implementation and use, the very engaging and helpful support team, and the helpful resources.

Sheila, Executive Director

Go to letssnipit.org and see how you can help with their mission!

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