Your dog wants to save lives

Many people have a natural, unexplained fear of donating blood. They would rather donate a fortune than give something as simple as blood. It is either a fear of getting weak, sick or both. Fear is normal, it`s a natural preservation reaction and we are born with it, it is not gained.

Giving and sharing what we have is part of being human, but we also see it in other animals, like monkeys, dogs, cats, etc. We can choose to give blood if we want to help other people if we knew their lives depended on us. Probably animals would do the same if they could understand and were able to make this decision. We have seen various selfless acts of animals protecting, sharing, being kind to one another, so why not rightfully assume they would gladly donate something to benefit others? It is a tough decision when you fear the effects, but why not look at the facts? There are so many people giving blood and they have absolutely no health problems. They benefit from having their blood checked thoroughly for free on a regular basis and they continue doing it because they know there are no risks, the process is really simple and, in the end, you get a huge feeling of satisfaction because you contributed to saving someone`s life. This feeling is priceless. It makes you human, brings you closer to people, and gives you a sense of meaningfulness and worth of life.

When I signed Gruia up for donating blood, the only regret I had was that he couldn`t fully understand the great gift he was offering to other animals out there – life. He would be spoiled rotten, got cuddles and treats and love, but he wouldn`t know he saved so many lives. However, I got triple satisfaction knowing I saved humans, cats and dogs. That`s right because Gruia also saved several cats who were almost dying when they got to the clinic, but he gave them fresh blood and now one of them is named after him – Gruia the cat. He even borrowed parts of his dog behaviour – like sleeping with his feet up in the air or cuddling and sleeping all day. Oh wait, all cats sleep all day!

Gruia saved more than 50 dogs, 3 cats and I also donated blood 10 times now. I can guarantee that not once did I experience any side effects or had any health problems because of that. During the blood donation, you don`t get light-headed or sick. The normal blood quantity is 450ml, an amount that gets quickly regenerated in 72 hours. This is why it is very important to have a rich breakfast before donating blood, drinking enough water and taking care of yourself properly. It goes the same for animal donors – they need to be well fed, hydrated and loved. Also, you comforting them during the blood donation process is the closest they can get to the feeling of satisfaction for saving lives. Your energy and love are transmitted during the process and I like to think they understand what they are doing. There were so many high energy dogs that would be so patient while donating blood; it was as if they understood they needed to stay still for a few minutes. The blood bank team from Hemopet and CTS can give you more information about the process – do not hesitate to ask. There is so much you can do to help, with so little effort.

Coming back to fear – fear is natural, it is good, it helps you stay safe. However, fighting your fears can help you become a stronger human being. Great experiences and feelings wait for you on the other side of fear! Why not try donating blood for the first time? You can then share your experience here for other people to see and try to overcome their own fears.

Donate blood, save lives!