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Automation & Growth


Internal Calendar

Organize the clinic’s calendar and add shifts or exceptions. The staff can customize and manage their own calendar, while the reception or other colleagues can have a clear overview of the staff’s schedule in one place.


Keep your data secure

Access all the information from anywhere and from any device. Create records from the tablet, print invoices or quickly check a case from your mobile phone.

Your clients’ data, as well as your clinic’s, are both very important. A cloud solution is a tool that keeps your data securely stored, overcoming stressful situations such as computers crashing, robberies or human mistakes that can alter the integrity of your files.

Your data is securely stored in the cloud, but also easily accessible to you when you need it. Add a new patient from your mobile device or print a receipt from your tablet!


Find out how your business is performing

Track your business growth and make an informed decision based on your data.

Visits & Consultations reports filtered by service, client or pet details

Your stock in real time, divided by product categories and usage: supplies or goods

Individual staff performance (services offered, products sold, revenue)

How much each client spent in a given period (and on what)

What product categories sold the most


Get rid of the bureaucracy

You don’t need to fill in the same information multiple times. Just focus on examinations and all your accounting reports and medical registries are automatically generated.


Keep all the tools you love in the same place

Integrations available for cash registries, barcode scanners and laboratory analysis.

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