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Careers at Digitail

Redesigning pet care for today鈥檚 world.


We want to empower pet parents and veterinarians to offer the best level of care to pets.

While pets have always been our best friends, lately we can count on a new best friend to help us with every day tasks: technology.

Who are we? We are pet parents, we are millenials and we can’t live without technology. We are building Digitail for our own pets while striving to make the life of all pet parents easier.

Imagine a world where you could have instant access to all the health records & medical history, where you can book online appointments at any time, where you can get personalized, step by step recommendations from your veterinarian, and know exactly what to do next. Digitail is the go-to place for any responsible pet parent.

But we are taking Digitail one step further in making sure that our pets get the best care. Pet parents rely on veterinarians to get advice and recommendations, to treat their pets and to translate their pets’ needs to them. Veterinarians don’t have an easy life. We want to change that, too.

We are creating the tools that pet parents and veterinarians need to take care of pets. We are digitizing petcare, one paw at a time.

What matters to us?


We don't keep secrets. We believe you need to know all the details in order to make the best decisions.


We never accept doing something just because we have to. If someone cannot articulate a clear reason, backed up by data, then it won't get a green light.

Radical candor

We want to create a safe environment where you can be your best and where you can give and receive honest and radical candid feedback.

Work-life balance

There are ups and downs in a startup, but we are all human beings with needs. We have your back.

World class

We set a high bar and we are constantly in competition with the best. We are 'participating' in the Olympics and every small effort and detail matters.

Users driven

We always go the extra mile to help a customer and make sure what we do benefits our users.

Life at Digitail

We love pets and we love technology. We play and we work. We work hard. We debate, we research and we improve. We have fun and we help each other grow.

Sebastian doing his magic @EERVC in Greece.

George rocking the stage for the first time @Codecamp.

Monday mornings…

Sharing is caring. Sharing food is the ultimate love.

The first vet tradeshow after we won that cool Startarium prize.

Our pets protecting us while we work.

Our parties are better than yours, whop whop!

Yup, it’s their fault if we don’t get stuff done. They are too damn cute!

Open Positions


We’re a team of mission-driven, metrics obsessed individuals who are rapidly changing the slow-moving healthcare industry every single day.聽There are no limits, no politics, no hierarchy. But most importantly, we make sure everything we do is held to the highest quality standards because what we’re building impacts the lives of real people.

鉁 Learning & personal growth

鉁 Equity in Digitail

鉁 Competitive compensation

鉁 Flexibility


In order to understand what Digitail does, we have to go back to our WHY and see what problems we are solving.

  1. More & more pet owners are millennials which means they are more dynamic, more tech friendly and the current setup doesn’t fit their life style making it hard for them to take the right decisions for their pets.
  2. Veterinarians are the main source of knowledge, advice and care therefore there is a lot of pressure on them. They spend a lot of time on redundant activities, having less time for continuous learning and actually treating pets.
  3. The communication between vets and pet owners is highly inefficient and takes a lot of time for both of them, affecting in the end the health of the pet.

Therefore, Digitail offers two complementary platforms built around petcare:

Digitail for Pets

A Digital Health Card App for pet owners makes it easier for them to keep their pets healthy while saving time & money.

The best way to understand Digitail is to play with the App that can be found in the Google Play and App Store.

Digitail for Vets

An easy to use system for vet practices on which they can rely daily.
Check what features we provide & how we help vets on Also, see our latest release here.