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That’s why we’re a one-of-a-kind veterinary practice software, brilliantly tailored to your practice’s needs.


It all started with our founders’ need to have their fur babies medical records at hand and to stay in touch with their vets in a fast, modern way that made sense to them.

Silly millennial need, you say? Curveball: not so much! Especially since 76% of millennials are pet parents and 44% of vets are under 40, the inevitable question appeared: why are the tools used in pet care the same as in 1990?

AVImark solutionDigitail all-in-one solution

Digitizing pet care. Improve vet & pet parent communication and enable data-driven and personalized preventive care. In other words, making expertise meet technology = match made in vet practice heaven 😻

How? By creating a modern, cloud-based software that understands the needs of veterinary practices and that helps vets do their thing in the best way possible.

Digitail is a cloud, all-in-one practice management system that saves time, money and brain matter. Client acquisition, retention and compliance – all in one place. All at your fingertips, always. Every interaction, transformed. Go from sticky-notes to in-app notifications, from visits only to telemedicine and from drowning in paperwork to filling medical records in seconds.


Digitail’s promise to any type of veterinarian practice: Lives, changed. Practice, elevated. Income, activated.

We’re all in! We give everything 120%. And then some. We’re here for your long-term success and we’re committed to helping you achieve your goals! Hence the unlimited training and dedicated account executive.

What are people saying? Goodbye, ruff life!

Animal hospitals in more than 16 countries rely on Digitail to keep their practice in tip-top shape. Not all vet management softwares are created equal, so read just how our easy-to-use system helped vets and patients alike feel taken care of and solved the ‘oops…I did it again’ problems every practice has.

We’re a bunch of purpose-driven veterinarians, pet parents & serial entrepreneurs on a mission to redesign pet care. AKA, a multicultural & inclusive company full of talented individuals with uniquely diversified skilled sets, at your service!

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