We are bringing the power of Chat into Digitail Software! We want to help you provide the best experience for your clients, even when they are at home.

From medical concerns, and treatment administrations to pre-visit questions and general information, they rely on your advice!

Make sure they get professional advice and take the best care of their pets.

1. After-hours advice

It happens a lot for pet parents to get worried because of their pets. The worst thing is for them to rely on the advice from Dr. Google ? or get information from non-professional sources. Make sure they get the best advice for their pets from a vet professional.


2. Triage

Sometimes, when pet parents get worried, they tend to think everything is an emergency. You can ask them to describe their pets’ symptoms, send photos, and any other information that might provide some clues. With the right details, you can assess if it’s an emergency or if they can wait until the next day to come for a consultation.


3. Postoperative care

It’s important to monitor the patients closely after surgeries ?. The pet owners can send you photos via the Chat with the surgical site so you can see how it’s healing.

Also, pet owners might have multiple questions about the treatment or concerns about how their pet is recovering.


4. Behavior information

Pets might behave unexpectedly or differently than what their owners were used to. Some symptoms and behaviors provide very clear indications of what’s going on and you can easily help your clients to understand what’s going on and how to act.


5. General information

in 2020, pet owners prefer chatting. Especially when they know it’s not a must to call the clinic. Maybe they need to know if you have a certain type of food available or a certain type of parasite control pill. They might ask for more information on the spaying process or if you provide a specific service. These types of inquiries can easily be answered by your reception or assistants.


Personalized care via a dedicated platform

We know for a fact that all of us, vets, receive questions via phone, on our clinic Facebook page, and maybe even on our personal Whatsapps. It’s time to change this!

Now you can use a dedicated platform to provide the same personalized care ❤️

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